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Too Many Redirects

  • faile486


    Having a bit of a strange issue. I’m using Local by Flywheel to develop a site with buddypress, bbpress, and rtMedia. This is a website for mostly personal use, so I was planning on only sharing a live link with my spouse. Unfortunately, while everything works perfectly on my local machine, all buddypress features break when using live links. I get an error about too many redirects.

    I’ve tried this with multiple themes, including X/Pro, Twenty-Sixteen, Twenty Twenty-Three, and NanoSpace.

    Any suggestions?

    WordPress 6.2
    BuddyPress 11.1.0
    bbPress 2.6.9
    rtMedia 4.6.13

    It took a while to get Pro working with rtMedia, so it’d be a shame if this can’t be fixed! Site contains adult content (erotic hypnosis files), and I’d prefer to give the address out via DM.

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