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Solved – Too stupid for BuddyPress 6

  • sandaap


    Today, I tried to install BuddyPress the first time. But I still too stupid to get to running.

    First, I tried the actual stable version 5.2.0 without luck. After this, I tried it with 6.0.0RC2 with the same result.

    My problem is: I don’t find out, how to create new topics or manage groups.

    Is there any special URL doing this?

    WordPress: 4.9.13
    PHP: 7.3.x
    Database: MariaDB 10.4.11
    Theme: Hueman 3.5.3

    In BuddyPress 5.2, the pages for Members, Activity, Activation and Registering were created automatically. In BP 6 not and the Repair Tool does not create them automatically.

    All of these pages are empty for me.

    But inside the AdminBar, I see the “0” and I can use the several private pages.

    How can I configure the groups, where I can open topics and how do I do this?

    Sorry, but it seems I’m too stupid for BP… 🙁

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  • iamthewebb



    I’m assuming you’ve enabled groups in Components and have you tried going to http://yoursite/groups ? There should be a link from Dashboard -> Settings -> BuddyPress -> Pages
    I’ve just tested a fresh install of WP, BP 6 and Hueman and all was working.



    Ok, I installed a fresh WordPress file system with a fresh database. Just install and activate BuddyPress, no other changes. Right now, I see content on the default pages of PB.

    But I still don’t understand, where or how I can create topics…



    Try to map your pages with setting >> BuddyPress >> Pages
    For topics and forums install bbPress.



    I already mapped the pages in the mentioned settings.

    Do I really need to install bbPress for a forum? I thought BP would be a forum too. Am I wrong?



    Ok, I’ve found out: BuddyPress is not a forum – my mistake, I’m sorry.

    Additional I’ve found out, there is something wrong in my wp_options table, which does not show the content of the BuddyPress pages to me.

    So right now, for me is my problem solved. Thank you for your help!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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