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Top 4 queries that stuck me proceeding my project!!

  • psivait



    I am a wordpress blogger. I am all new to Buddypress and experimenting something new! I have 4 queries listed. Pls answer the below points based on your understanding.

    1) Why FRIENDS item is not in the COMMUNITY drop down page in the top menu bar? I can see only Members, Activity and Groups. I would like if Friends, Messages be added here!

    2) Can’t I have Photos, Videos section as we have Friends and other stuffs?

    3) How to add “Invite friends” section besides other other sections such as Friends. I assume existing FRIENDS in my network can invite outsiders via e-mails.

    Here comes the most important question according to me!

    4) How about moderation of entire messages, posts and many things around here?? Is it possible for administrators to go each and every page? How to solve this difficulty? Is their any ready-made plugins available?

    Please help me to accomplish my tasks.
    Thanks in advance.

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