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Top Navigation redirecting to Members Directory

  • asatr4


    I installed Buddpress and for some reason when I try to go anywhere in the very top navigation (My Account, Notifications) it takes me to the Members page. The main four links work fine (Home, Activity, Members, Groups) it’s just the top nav. I’ve tried deleting the plugin, uninstalling, and reinstalling but no change. I tried downloading BP through this website and installing but it caused a fatal error so it didn’t install. I also tried clicking links in the top nav through wp-admin but it took me to the members section again.

    Help would be very much appreciated, thanks!

    Oh, btw I’m running on WP version 3.0 BP version

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  • davidtaylorjr


    I am having a similar problem but it takes me to the home page of the blog.

    Boone Gorges


    What is the URL that the links are pointing to? (Hover over and look in the status bar at the bottom of the browser window, or view page source.) Does it look like this? – with those two slashes next to each other?

    Can you say more about your setups?



    Ok, the page navigation links work such as “groups” “activity” etc…
    What isn’t working is in my admin bar at the top, I can’t go to like profile, or edit profile, and such. It takes me back the the root page of the site every time.

    My setup is on a fresh install of wordpress 3.0 with networking enabled, the only plugins I am running are BuddyPress and since I am having the problem, maintenance mode. My hosting is done through

    My WP 3.0 install is in the root directory of my public_html folder.

    website is



    Actually I think I figured out the problem, the user had spaces in the name, apparently Buddypress doesn’t like that…

    Jonathan Bishop


    I’m still having the problem with the top links going to the Members Directory on WP3. Has this been fixed yet?



    Hi, I’m new with BuddyPress and I’m having the same trouble, plus the members page is always empty. It doesn’t show anything. All the other links work fine, except for that and the ones at the top bar that you both said. I really don’t know why it happens and how to fix it.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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