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Transferring existing Bp groups and forums to a new install

  • rossagrant


    Hi all!

    I’m just in the middle of looking into the backup side of things for my single installation of Wp/BP.

    I currently use the plugin ‘automatic wordpress backup’ to backup by site but was wondering if this covers all bases?

    In theory if my site had a catastrophic problem, how easy would it be to do a brand new install of WP/BP and transfer ALL of the existing groups and forums across to that install including group avatars etc. My site will have 2000 groups when it’s ready to launch and I couldn’t face making them again! Where are they stored exactly and what does the MySQL database hold?

    Sorry for the questions but want to rest easy before I launch the site knowing that it’s all safe!

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  • stwc


    I’ve just moved a localhost.localdomain install to a live server. It was easy as pie.

    As I recall the steps: I moved the entire WPMU install to my live server, created an empty database. I exported my local database as SQL from PHPmyadmin, then opened up the export.sql file in Notepad++ and search-replaced all the URLs as necessary on the local file, then imported to the new, blank database.

    I edited the wp-config file (and the bb-config as well) to update the db credentials and URLs, and almost everything just worked!

    Once exception: I think I had to go into the Buddypress–>Forums setup and hit the button to setup the forums again for some reason, but after that, all was well.

    The instructions here were helpful.

    This would work moving between domains as well, of course.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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