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Transferring from built in BBpress to new BBpress 2.0

  • rossagrant


    Hi guys!

    I’ve just been playing around with and the new BBpress 2.0 is much more intuitive than the current group/ forum setup that’s in BP at the moment.

    When will BP gain official support for BBpress 2.0 and will it be easy to transfer everything over from a current install.

    Can we then do away with groups and just have a forum?

    Would love some advice!

    Ross ;)

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  • Boris


    You can do that already. BBPress 2.0 is a plugin, so it integrates with your current WP user base. If you wanted to you could just deactivate groups altogether and then install BBP 2.0. There’d be no activity stream integration, though, and some other things like user profile links would need to get handled properly (BBP comes with its own user profile templates), but altogether it’s possible already.

    I’m guessing all of this will be handled properly by BP once the move to use the plugin version has been made.



    I’m assuming bbPress 2.0 handles upgrading from a stand-alone bbPress 1.x install and porting over existing posts. Will it do the same for an integrated version of bbPress in BP? Transferring over existing forums is important.



    @travel-junkie Cheers for the explanation Boris!

    You know my site better than anyone, so it’s something I would love to do when it becomes integrated with BP further down the line.

    I just love how much simpler it looks on

    I guess the new plugin of bbpress2.0, will change all existing groups into forums when it transfers everything over and these are displaed on one page, integrated with the forum directory?

    Groups and forums are fine for those used to BP, but I find people who are less savvy just aren’t getting it that easily on my site. Having them displayed as they are as ‘forums’ on alongside the forum directory, makes it so much more intuitive!

    If anyone knows how the upgrade process will work down the line when bbpress 2.0 is officially part of BP that would be great to know!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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