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Transitioning from Network wide to Multi Network on Multisite

  • xbladerunner


    Hello. I have a multisite setup using a network wide activation of buddypress. I’m very interested in changing that configuration to multi network activation of buddypress, and I’m experimenting with the Buddypress Multi Network plugin. When I activate the Multi Network plugin in my test environment, and individually activate buddypress on each site, it appears that I’m losing some members. I understand that this is probably by design– the membership base that existed in the network-wide activation is now associated with the former “main” site rather than a secondary site where I would prefer it. Is there a way to transfer users in bulk, rather than individually to a secondary site on the multisite wp network? I’ve seen a plugin for transferring users, but am looking for recommendations and guidance for the transition. The wp multisite is using directory structure.

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