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Translation problem

  • marmuel


    Hi there,
    thank you very much for the new bp-version!

    I´ve tried to translate the term “Viewing member %1$s to %2$s (of %3$s active member)” (sprintf in the bp-members-template.php) into the german language in my buddypress-de_DE.po with no success. I´ve used poedit to edit the file.

    Maybe, any ideas?

    Thank you very much!
    Cheers Marco

    WP: Actual Version
    BP: 1.9.1

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  • marmuel


    no idea?



    Hallo @marmuel,

    what theme do you use ?
    Does poEdit generate correctly file ?
    Is the .mo file in the right folder ? (wp-content/languages/
    Are you using some special characters like umlaut, sz, usw ?

    The string contains a plural form, so it could be possible you omit one ?

    %1$s bis %2$s (von insgesamt %3$s aktiven Mitglieder)

    Du köntest Dir auch die Sprachdatei von hier runterladen !

    BuddyPress und Erweiterungen



    Hi, thank you for your reply!

    Yes poEdit generate the file correctly. I´ve also tried the plugin localization. I don´t use any Umlaut or sz. I use my own language-file because I use other terms for groups etc.

    buddypress plural:
    Viewing member %1$s to %2$s (of %3$s active members)

    german translation:
    Mitglieder %1$s bis %2$s (von insgesamt %3$s aktiven Mitgliedern)




    have you found the solution?

    I have similar problem, cannot translate “Sitewide activity” and other component directory titles….

    Buttons translated successfully.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.



    Hi 3×7 !

    since 2.0 BP is loading automatic translation; This means that if you had a previous version installed, with a correct translation, that the new one is now active.

    Check in the wp/content/languages/ directorythe /plugins/ folder who maybe contain files and it’s possible that you have also buddypress-xx_XX in the /languages/

    Open the po file and take a look to header. Normally you will see the version number.

    If you use a custom po/mo for your BP, put these files in the wp/content/languages/plugins/

    See also in your theme and avoid to use from /buddypress/bp-languages/ (as a reminder)

    More details about translation, here and here.

    BP translation for all languages are now on If you’re a translator or if you want to contribute, i encourage you to participate on this projet. 😉

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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