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Tried everything I could find in the forums for Page Not Found Error, still no luck

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    I have the latest WP-MU with buddyPress installed. I have the GenesisConnect theme for the main site and all seemed well after a little stumbling in the dark. The Main site works fine, all buddyPress links work fine. The several MU sites I have set up will post and can be seen in the activity stream and other BuddyPress pages of the main site. So far so good. When I tried to get the Buddypress links working in the MU sites all I got was Page not Found. I started off with the Suffusion theme for MU sites and switched to BuddyPress Default theme to check. Still Page not found errors on all the MU Sites.

    Mod rewrite is on, I changed the permalink, the wp-config looks like it should as does .htaccess. Its getting late and I am sure this has got to be something simple, but I need a pointer or two here.

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    Andrea Rennick


    If you’re using GenesisConnect, please keep questions over on that support forum. :)

    Usually, Buddypress links are all on the blog where BP is activated. They do not go across all blogs unless you add a line to the config file. (like you see in our demos)

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