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Trouble with Mailchimp Integration

  • johndawson155


    We have a WordPress (v6.4.3) Membership Pro (v3.0.1) site, with a Twenty Fourteen Theme (v3.8)

    We use Mailchimp Integration, which is a Membership Pro add-on (v2.3.4) which works fine

    We recently added BuddyPress (v12.4.0), as although Member Pro has been great for everything else, we needed better support for Groups

    But we find that BuddyPress Group operations (managing Groups, adding Members to a Group etc) do not fire a Mailchimp update; if we later update the Member in WordPress or Membership Pro, Mailchimp is updated OK i.e. the BuddyPress fields are configured OK, but the update isn’t triggered on BuddyPress events

    Any suggestions welcome

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  • muhammadihammadkhan


    It seems like there’s an issue with the integration between BuddyPress and Mailchimp on your WordPress Membership Pro site. While Mailchimp updates work fine with Membership Pro, BuddyPress Group operations such as managing groups and adding members don’t trigger Mailchimp updates. The BuddyPress fields are configured correctly, but the updates aren’t firing on BuddyPress events. You may need to troubleshoot or seek support to resolve this integration issue effectively.



    Thanks for the reply muhammadihammadkhan

    In case this is useful to anyone, I found a workaround for this, using AutomatorWP; this allows definition of Trigger / Action pairs; there’s a trigger for “User joins Group” and I found an Action for “Save User”, to which we’d already attached a customisation to include the Buddy Press fields. AutomateWP also has a trigger for “User leaves Group”, but that’s a Pro feature

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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