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Trunk – questions on new theme

  • James


    Pretty stoked on the new theme structure, but have some questions. Instead of modifying bp-default, I wan’t to use a completely new theme, for the bp-sn-framework.

    However, I know I need to copy the “directories” folder to the new theme I uploaded, but is there anything else I should be copying?

    I guess I can copy it all, and see what happens ;)

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  • nicolagreco


    you have to:

    remove bp-themes dir in /wp-content/

    you have to copy bp-home & bp-sn-framework in /themes/

    activate bp-home

    And you will have the new theme.

    If you want integrate your theme with bp,

    add in the header of your css



    Template: bp-sn-framework


    deactivate and reactivate your own theme.




    I’m sorry, I should of better clarified what I’m trying to achieve. I understand how to setup the new theme architecture, and to create various child themes.

    But what I’m after, is… Let’s say, I want to use the K2 theme, or Thesis theme with the new architecture. And integrate buddy press into that theme, instead of creating custom child themes, which I know, is probably the easiest and preferred method of doing so.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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