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Trying to remove buddypress user at their request

  • songdove


    This user is not technically savvy so they can’t remove themselves. They asked me to remove all their info so I initiated a removal as per their request from admin>tools>Erase Personal Data.

    After running that, I went to mediapress to see if their data was removed, and their images were still in mediapress so I deleted those. Then went to Media, and found their images there too, so I removed those.

    Then I went to my community front end and found their name and image still in the recently-active list so I clicked on it, and lo and behold, but their profile is STILL there!!! Including two images I am not finding via the wp-admin back end.

    I’ve been trying to run around buddypress tools, settings/buddypress, and seriously not finding anywhere to remove this user from the system, although they are no longer listed in wp-admin/users. How can they NOT be in the main wp user list AND BE present in in the buddypress member list with a working profile??!!

    Is there a plugin for admin complete removal of a buddypress user?

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