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Trying to tweak things up again!

  • beeza


    I really do like the idea of Buddypress as a forum, I installed it and tested it out. My members found it very difficult to use, the reason being all the topics get lumped together, there is no categories! My website covers quite a number of topics, so when post gets put in one place it gets very difficult to read!

    Just wondering is there going to be a better posting system, you know where you can keep topics in their own category that it belongs to. At the moment when scrolling the post in the forum, one topic may have nothing to do with the following topic and so on. At the moment it is very hard for readers to make head or tail of the forum!!

    I really do want to use Buddypress as it is very good with the seo, although I do find it very sloooow!

    I have even put phpbb on hold, this is in favour of Buddypress..I really do want to get this up and running.

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  • Well BuddyPress is not a forum or nor will act like a traditional forum. Are you talking about updates posted to the activity stream?

    When you create a group – you can attach a forum for topic discussions to take place within that group.



    Buddypress is not a forum! Erm yes I know! I had to tweak things up, all topics get lumped together within the forums tab, I now have removed the forums tab as this is confusing. I now just have the groups displayed!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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