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Trying to understand the mentality of trolls

  • billy-not-happy


    I’ve had a bunch of trolls “vist” my site, and I kick them out, use various plug-ins etc to try stop them from registering in the first place, but I’m curious WHY they come to my site. Please take these observations seriously.

    I have yet to see any troll join a group or forum on my site. I know they’re a troll by scanning my members list and they typically they have a message like below or make reference to a web site.

    po┼╝yczki bez bik O ile pisarza pelnomocnictwa i samoregulacji wyznaczony do-gooders Kawa na lawe zakladam, ze naleznosci pozyczki sa klamliwego, sa szanse, ze powinno sie spojrzec na badanie opcjonalnych wyborow sponsorowania a pozyczki gwoli dowolnego, kto od wiekszosci uzytkownikow z panszczyznie pozyczki

    If I click view to see more, I get a 404 page error.

    So my question is WHAT does a troll/spammer gain? Nobody is going to visit a site and just scroll down a member’s list then run out a get a payday loan or whatever. At least I wouldn’t. They don’t post their crap in any group or forum, so WHY do they do this and the bigger question is how do I stop these idiots from cluttering up my site with their crap?

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  • Ben Hansen


    if your site has authority posting links on your site imparts some of that authority to the linked site, black hat SEO companies sell these links as a service. google is getting smarter about these things and probably the benefit is marginal if any, but when you’re using hijacked computers and the cost to produce your “product” is negligible it can still be quite profitable to sell snake oil, i would imagine.

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