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Turning off blog visibility kills the activity feed

  • jazgold


    My activity feed seemed broken, not recording new posts, and comments.

    And yet it still worked for new wire posts, and status updates.

    I traced this down in bp-blogs.php

    function bp_blogs_record_activity( $args = '' ) {
    if ( (int)get_blog_option( $blog_id, 'blog_public' ) ) { ... }

    I had forgotten that I recently went to the privacy settings, and changed it to:

    (x) I would like to block search engines, but allow normal visitors

    I can understand how “privacy” could correlate to sharing information on the activity feed… but when checking this off, I still very much wanted the activity feed to keep churning for posts and comments… I simply wanted to keeps search engines from indexing my content, as the option states – the site’s content is not for public consumption.

    It’s especially odd since this feature doesn’t block activity recording of status updates and wire posts… they still get recorded, and they’re no less private than new posts and comments. probably more so.

    I don’t want to remove this if-check from the core, but I would still like to keep the content private from search engines while retaining activity records for posts and comments. it seems to me that in the future, the check to record the feed action should be based on a separate blog_option specific to the functionality of the feed…

    but for now, any suggestions?

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  • Xevo


    In buddypress 1.2 they start off with more privacy options, but for now there is no solution for this. Hacking the core can be done, but make sure you note it down somewhere so that when you update you know what to replace in files.



    yeah, when i make little hacks, i definitely note them… and leave a comment with my name on that line so that i can just do a multi file search and quickly pull up all my edits.

    that being said, i try not to make them unless i have to.

    so yeah, just wanted to make sure this was noted in the forums if anyone toggles that privacy switch and gets scared about their activity feed “breaking.” i was scared i’d broken something irreparably (and needed to reinstall everything) before tracking down that tiny if clause.

    thanks for the response xevo

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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