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Tutorial – any one willing?

  • nit3watch


    I’m trying to work through some books on plug-in development but there are so many errors and no complete errata/s, its like every step I take forward I’m taking 2 steps back. It looks like, after talking to some of the authors, the publishers were in such a rush to get the books published that they overlooked a hole bunch of things and now the authors are suffering. Besides that, there aren’t any books on buddypress plug-in development.

    Would any one be willing to give up some of their time to write up a tut? For instance I’m trying to mod a few plug-in’s to use group’s instead of member’s. Say for the profile map on

    What would I need to know and what to change for it to be used on groups rather than the member’s profile. Where can I find all the info related to these changes and what it will do?

    I’ve really tried to search and read-up on things but being noob to plug-in dev i’m really battling. Though I think if we could get some tut’s going there would be a great spin-off to plug-ins, having a greater variety and so on, also taking a load off the established developers being able to direct people to tuts if they wanted to change something or what not..

    Give a man a fish, he eats for a day, give a man a fishing rod and he can eat for life kinda thing :P
    If need be I’ll even donate towards this.

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