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Two networks, separate but connected?

  • Chris


    (WP and BP both current/up-to-date versions, site, currently under a ‘Coming Soon’ plugin)

    I’m really hoping this is possible. We’re using a Gravity Forms form to register users, and Buddypress on a website that will connect authors and readers. I’m looking for a way to have each type of user register with their own form, show their own profile fields, and enable interaction between the two types. Right now, I’m using conditional logic to only show relevant fields in the sign-up fields, but the Buddypress side of things show all of the fields (for both authors and readers).

    What’s the best way to make this happen?

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  • JJJ


    Questions and installations like this are becoming more common, and we have a loose plan on how to include provisions for this into BuddyPress core. Right now, you’ll end up needing a few extra plugins (and a little bit of on the job education) to make both WordPress and BuddyPress play exactly the way you need them to, but rest assured that both WP and BP do have the ability baked in to manipulate where things live and how they work together.

    A few plugins to investigate:

    • WP Multi Network
    • BP Multi Network

    They’ll let you have disparate BuddyPress networks rotating around one central user-base and logins. From there, you can see how these plugins work, and tweak your integration to suit your needs.

    Also happy to try and guide you further as you need more specific code snippets to solve specific problems.



    Thanks, John. I’ll look at those plugins ASAP. BuddyPress is great – keep up the great work!



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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