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Two way mail for groups request

  • energynet



    BP is starting to be an awesome platform. A Question. Has anyone put together a “how to use BP” for new users? This is a tricky one since newbies require visual aids that match the theme and configuration of the particular site they are on.

    My request is how hard would it be to build a two way mailing system into BP’s groups. By two way, I’m suggesting that if someone posts a comment in a group, everyone subscribed to that group will then get an email/notification of that post(the first direction). They should then be able to use their email client to then post a reply(the 2nd direction), and not have to go back online to the site. I don’t want to put GES (Groupe Email Services) out of business, but that pluggin’s option to configure mail from immediate to various digest types would be a must as well.

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