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Unable to Access Dashboard, Update Plugins

  • darthleggers


    Hi there! We’ve installed BuddyPress as a way to network our staff members at the Michigan State University Writing Center ( through a staff-only site with resources and forums (

    For the past couple of weeks, users have had difficulty logging in to our BuddyPress site. As site administrator, I haven’t been able to manually add users or even update the BuddyPress plugin — when I try to reach the dashboard, all that I get is a white screen. I’m not able to edit anything at all.

    Any help with this issue is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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  • Unfortunately based on the above description it’s going to be hard to help.

    Can you think of any action taken that seemed to co-inside with the issues you describe? A white screen usually means that a plugin or custom piece of code has thrown a fatal error, the first stage solution to that and getting back to your dashboard would be to identify and deactivate the offending plugin, by means of renaming the actual plugin folder so WP is forced to deactivate it thus allowing you back in.

    Without any notion of what plugins, what versions of WP/BP you’re running helping further at this stage is difficult.

    Can you access your server logs to see what it throws up as errors?

    John James Jacoby


    Note that there is a Trac ticket for this also, should it turn out to be some kind of BuddyPress bug:

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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