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Unable to authorize groum membership requests

  • thebigk


    I’m the site admin for a site that I’m running using Buddypress. In the notifications area in the top menu bar, I see following message –

    Two new requests

    for the group “”

    When I click on it, I’m directed to Group Listings page when I see all groups listed. Upon careful observation, I found out that the URL on this Group Listings page, after clicking on the above notification message is as follows –

    Note the // between groups and admin in the URL.

    How do I rectify this? Please help.

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  • plrk


    it looks like you have a group without a slug… hmm



    Could be the problem. How do I check? I hovered over all 36 groups in the site and every time checked the URL in Firefox bottom status bar. The group URL showed up there.

    How can I find out the group without a slug?



    Update: I checked all the groups I’m the admin of. But each groups seems to have its own slug.

    I have something similar… When I try to click on the “accept-link” in a group-request-email I get the error message in the browser “do you really want to do this” – with no option to click something…

    Strange… This error occurs in IE7.0, Firefox 3.5 and Safari.

    Ps: If I go there through the group-admin-menu, I can accept the requests…

    (maybe something linked to this is, that I cannot upload a group-avatar from group-admin – same strange error-message… but here only in IE?)

    Thanks for help!

    That’s a known bug. PLEASE post it on the bugtracker, I keep forgetting and noone else has yet (I went through all 200+ tickets last week!)

    Created a ticket: (thakns for the searching, DJPAUL)



    I’m having this problem too. Is there a fix that I can make to the core files to address this before 1.1 is released?



    Just experienced the OP’s problem.

    I looked into it and found a tentative fix… though a BP dev will need to look at the code.

    In “bp-core/bp-core-notifications.php”, look for the bp_core_notifications_for_user() function.

    Then look for these lines:

    $item_id = ( 1 == $action_item_count ) ? $component_action_items[0]->item_id : false;
    $secondary_item_id = ( 1 == $action_item_count ) ? $component_action_items[0]->secondary_item_id : false;

    Change this to:

    $item_id = $component_action_items[0]->item_id;
    $secondary_item_id = $component_action_items[0]->secondary_item_id;

    I don’t know why there was a check done for only 1 item and then returning false for more than 1… if a BP dev can explain why, that’d be great.

    Let me know if anyone encounters any problems.

    Trac ticket made.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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