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[Resolved] Unable to post in activity stream

  • irieside


    I am losing members on my site due to a very annoying issue, some members are unable to post to the activity stream. I made an alternate account and noticed that I can only post if the post is under a certain character amount, is there a built in post character limit? I also noticed that if i copy and paste into the post box, it doesn’t post as well. (I’m looking for trends, but this was all I could come up with). Perhaps a character limit issue, a paragraph issue, a space issue.. or something else. Your help would be MUCH appreciated.

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  • irieside


    Update: I just found all the dead posts in the spam folder of ‘Activity’ how can I stop buddypress from labeling certain posts as spam?



    Try first by modifying the read more params in WordPress settings.

    Publishing “post” with help of the “what’s new” form is not really intended to publish long texts. And the read more link will cut it off by default after 150 char or so…

    Aside, spam settings are also to be rewieved in your WP settings. By default, any comment text containing more than 2 links are considered as spam.

    And depending the theme you use, you have also to check theme’s settings about such params…

    In case of, you could try this plugin (but not sure it already works).

    If you’re well with PHP, you can also try to play with this.



    Thanks for replying. Where do I find the WordPress settings? Under settings in the dashboard I only have access to buddypress and general settings, along with other plugin settings.

    I’m at a very amateur level with PHP, if I can avoid it that would be best. But simple adjustments are doable.

    I’ve installed that plugin, but members still report that they are unable to post. If I can adjust the ‘spam’ filter that would be awesome, to allow nearly everything besides multiple links.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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