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Uninstall Problems

  • nickaster


    HI there. I deactivated BuddyPress as well as the Buddy Press Template Pack. However, my index.php “main index template” is still polluted somehow by Buddy Press. If I look at it in the Theme Editor, it contains all kinds of references to BuddyPress. How did this template get changed? I did not do it, somehow it got altered by buddy press and deactivating buddy press does not get rid of the pollution.

    The site still seems to function normally, but it’s really disturbing to have that junk in my templates that I don’t need or understand.


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  • Same here. And what is worse, any changes I make to my theme are not saved. I can edit index.php theme file all I want and nothing I put in there actually changes the site. It’s like the site is calling some other theme file instead or something.



    If you used the BuddyPress Template Pack plugin to add BP support to your theme, the plugin copies over template files to your theme’s directory.

    You can remove these template files by deleting these directories in your theme:

    Also make sure you have BuddyPress and anything BuddyPress-related deactivated.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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