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Unlink bbPress Board from BuddyPress Group

  • d d


    While testing out the features of groups in a dev environment, we ran into an issue. I first created a couple groups and all went fine. Then I wanted to test the feature of connecting a group to a bbPress forum board. When creating a new group and having it automatically create a new board, it also works fine. I also see that the normal process is for BuddyPress to change the link in bbPress to make the board listing go to the forum section of the BuddyPress group.

    My problem came when I linked an existing group that was not connected to a forum board during creation (since I had yet to activate that feature) to an existing board after the fact. It linked to the parent board (probably user error) instead of a sub-board, so I went back into the group settings to change it. That seemed to go fine, but now the link to the parent board within bbPress still goes to the BuddyPress group that is no longer connected to it instead of showing all of the sub-boards within bbPress.

    So in essence, BuddyPress changed a bbPress board link and won’t let go.

    So… Am I doing something wrong or do I really have to go into the db and manually fix this? If so, how? Shouldn’t BuddyPress fix this link automatically when changing which board it connects to?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Venutius


    I don’t really understand what you are saying. I tried to recreate what you did but I could not follow exactly what you meant. You should be able to configure this t correct the issue.

    Did you create a “Group Forms” category to hold all of your group forums separate from the other forums? if that the parent board you are talking about? If so you should be able to change that in the Dashboard>>Forums page.

    Check out this page:

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