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Update an old BuddyPress Website to the new version!

  • maltelol123


    Hey folks,

    first of all thank you for this great community plugin! It helped me a lot to realize projects.

    I really need to update my very old BuddyPress installation on a website!.

    The site still uses a very old method to copy template files from BuddyPress into the Theme directory and load them over. I use a custom theme.

    I would like to do a fresh installation of BuddyPress with it’s standard template. Of course with all current database entries, such as activites, members, profile fields – it’d be terrible if they were lost!

    Does a WordPress theme generally need to be made “BuddyPress compatible” in any way?

    I already tried to delete the template files in my WordPress theme directory, but unfortunately the website crashes with a “white screen”.

    WordPress: 4.9.1
    BuddyPress: 2.9.2

    Big thanks for your help and a happy new year!


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  • maltelol123


    To clarify: I do not want to overload my current WordPress theme anymore. I just want to use the standard BuddyPress template located in the plugin directory. All natively!

    If I delete the folders “/community” or “/members” for example in my WordPress theme directory or delete the functions of BuddyPress in my theme’s functions.php, the website crashes unfortunately.




    @maltelol123 including template files inside theme files is not mandatory; it might be possible your theme developer has defined path somewhere inside theme codes, you can enable the debug mode to find the issue for white death screen.
    By default, if a theme does not have template override it will fallback to plugin template files.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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