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Update with a lot of members, sql crash

  • Tom_


    I’am trying to upgrade my buddypress install from RC1to the 1.0.

    In dev, with a few test members and some test blogs, everything is running.

    In production, we have 2000 members..and same number of blogs.

    >it makes sql crash (on a very powerfull server)

    logs shows a lot of queries like SHOW TABLES LIKE “wp_user_xx_activity”

    Is it from the upgrade script ?

    I don’t know how to make it lighter / is it possible to desactivate the include call of component ‘activity’ in bp-loader.php ?

    Isn’t it dangerous if database schema change ?

    In general, where are localized bp versions upgrades fonctions ?


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  • Paul Wong-Gibbs


    It’s not inherently dangerous that the database schema’s changed, no. BP used to have lots of tables like user_xx_activity, now they are combined into one (to give an example). Probably because you have >2k members, that’s why it’s taken so long to run.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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