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Upgrade Buddypress with child

  • ashbydesign


    Hi I’m getting my knickers in a twist here about the order of play for updating.

    I’m going through the steps towards upgrading Buddypress:

    1) I’ve successfully upgraded Frisco (Buddypress child – with my own customisations), and my blog sites theme (Twenty Eleven – with child theme).

    2) I’ve upgraded from WordPress 3.3 to WordPress 3.4.2.

    3) My intention is now to upgrade from BP 1.5.5 to 1.6.

    I’m worried that in this last part of the process I am going to lose my theme settings – i.e. sidebar widgets and menus etc. The concern is this: if I go through the upgrade wizard, I will then be “activating” the Buddypress default theme – and this entails losing all the widgets I’ve set up. I’ve just had to re-upload the database to retrieve widgets having upgraded wordpress and then activated Buddypress before the child theme (my mistake, I think? it’s hugely confusing to understand and get the order of play correct in this Russian doll set-up)

    So… what’s the order of play? If I go through the upgrade process via the wizard, will I then lose my database settings for widgets? I can’t re-upload the database to the prior version as I understand from the documentation that this will be changed in the upgrade process.

    It’s very confusing and would love some more documentation on upgrading and the correct order of play in the Buddypress documentation (perhaps I will be moved to write it!).

    Any help truly appreciated … I’m feeling queasy about this …

    My site is:

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  • joesell89


    I just had a look at the site and it doesn’t look like it would be massive in size. It also doesn’t look so active that you couldn’t take it down for a short time without too much disruption.

    That said, why don’t you just back up all the files and database? That way the worst case scenario is that you just restore the files and database if something goes wrong.

    I could be wrong but I have never come across documentation which would come even close to giving an upgrade process for something as detailed as the version numbers you give.

    Good luck with it!



    Thanks for your reply: you’re right of course – there’s not loads of stuff in the widget areas that will be lost, so I can always manually restore them – not ideal though… I guess it’s not really obvious to me regarding the correct way to do stuff for ANY buddypress upgrade when you have a child theme etc. Of course I can revert to previous db and files – but then I wouldn’t have made any headway…

    I think it would be good to have some sort of framework for users like myself who are not actively Buddypress developers, but who do use WordPress as developers. There possibly is something, somewhere but for the life of me it ain’t obvious.

    Also – something confusing me is that the Buddypress documentation suggests that there will be an upgrade notice for Buddypress in the network admin plugins area – but I don’t have this. I guess what I do is to manually remove the old Buddypress, then upload the new Buddypress and then activate the plugin? Then, hopefully, the BP wizard will retune the database afterwhich I get on with all the tweaking – moving files to my child theme, altering the language files etc.

    Again … any pointers appreciated!



    My point was that as long as you have all the correct files backed up there is really very little risk.

    I don’t see any particular reason that you would have any problems.

    Regarding the update notice. That is strange. Do you get update notices on other plugins and WordPress?

    Btw, is there any reason that you are not just upgrading to WordPress 3.5.1 and Buddypress 1.6.4? These are the versions that are the best tested and that you are most likely to be able to get specific advice for.

    Regarding a manual update. Yes, just deactivate and delete (after backing it up of course!) the Buddypress plugin and then upload the new one and activate it.

    I can’t imagine it will be all that bad 🙂



    Thanks once again – do appreciate your reply. I love working with WP and Buddypress because it is amazing to be part of this open source network. Last thing I want is to seem churlish 😉

    I’ve done my update – lost a few things (pages and widgets fell off, but easy to put back together). Yes, reason for not upgrading all the way is that the Frisco child theme didn’t seem to be updated that far … wanted to avoid repurcussions as have a showcase thing to apply for more supporting funding in a few days’ time, so didn’t want to rock the boat too much!

    Yes – getting loads of other update notices; I’ve functioned out my WPMU notice which was a pain in the backside – so it could be something like that.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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