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upgrade of BP with backward compatibility needs smoothing

  • podictionary


    Although it has been recommended that BuddyPress plugins be disabled before upgrading BuddyPress itself, the “upgrade automatically” button is offered as an option.

    I have found when upgrading from BP 1.2.1 to BP 1.2.2, and again to, without disabling the backward compatibility plugin, that the failure is somewhat inelegant.

    The entire site (front and back end) become a white screen showing only the cryptic failure notice.

    I quickly and easily recovered by deleting both the plugin folders for BuddyPress and the backward compatibility plugin, upon which my control panel was restored and I reinstalled both plugins (BP now in it’s most recent form).

    I don’t know if it can be done for BuddyPress. but I’m sure I’ve seen other upgrades that first disable dependent plugins, then re-enable them once the upgrade is done.

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  • Boone Gorges


    A new standard for BP plugin developers, that checks for the existence of BP before requiring any BP-dependent files, has just begun to be implemented. More and more, you’ll find that the problem is fixed for the most popular plugins.

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