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Upgrade of private messages

  • inzerat


    1) If is text of private message too long, do read more
    2) Seen date – please do date with time (date & time reading)
    3) Why is there SSS? Please change text on “Mark as read” and “Mark as unread” It confuses people
    4) When someone wants to see the messages in the conversation, please do that he will automatically jump down the page on the last message. Look how it works on Facebook, it also jumps down and you do not have to scroll down in order to write the answer.
    5) Load more button – In some of the conversations I have more than 30 messages, then it’s confusing. Load newest button – Could you indicate a new incoming message as in the activities?
    6) New messages at the top, old messages down. Similar as is the case activity. Reply form at the top as well.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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