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Upgrading render the whole site into white nothingness

  • eyeswiseopen


    Hi there
    Just been upgrading my site to the latest version of everything
    (wp3.8) I tend to upgrade one thing at a time and make sure everything works just fine and always leave buddypress upgrade to last. Everything was OK until I tried to upgrade Buddypress from Version 1.7.2 to the latest 1.9. The Upgrade rendered the whole site into white nothingness including the back end dashboard – the only way forward was Restore from back up.

    I have repeated the process twice now and same thing happened.

    Have no idea why this is happening??? especially since I did the same upgrade on another site which uses the same set up, theme and plugins – had no problem what so ever there. (

    I would appreciate it if you could help and point me in the right direction

    all the best

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