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upgrading to 1.2 keeping bp-sn child theme

  • On test install have attempted the upgrade to 1.2 however would need at this stage to keep the child theme extended from the 1.1 bp-default/bp-sn.

    Deactivated BP plugins ,upgraded to 1.2, activated backwards-compatibility plugin – all good at this stage.

    A number of somewhat confusing issues though:

    It wasn’t hugely clear what to do with the provided themes in the backward-compatibility plugin; for the sake of it I ran the site with the old extended child theme and bp-sn-parent both in the themes folder this essentially worked but for the fact that there was no activity stream, moved the bp-sn-parent from backwards-comp to overwrite my old bp-sn in themes, better – activity stream back however it’s a new activity stream! which is first issue.

    As far as backwards compatibility goes I’m finding it a lot of work ; can one thing be cleared up I have only ever worked with BP 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 neither of these had a theme named bp-classic only bp-default. I get the impression? that the backwards compatibility has gone back too far? to 1.0 but perhaps the naming of these folders is pretty much irrelevant.

    I extended a child theme from the bp-sn-parent for speeds sake; I took folders as and when I needed to override bp-sn ones for various reasons. If there have been rewrites to these bp-sn-parent files and I am overriding some of them then surely my theme is not going to hold up? and backwards compatibility not a given?

    Rather than have to start to recode the styles for the new activity stream layout I grabbed the deafult.css from the main buddypress 1.2 theme folder but this does not feel right and again not really the notion of backwards compatibility. Have I missed something? I assume that I have no choice but to use the new activity stream?

    Having pulled the new activity stream into line so the layout wasn’t broken I turned my attention to inner pages starting with the user account/profile pages, but these were also broken and on investigation turned out that certain classes that were present i.e ‘<body class=”internal-page”>’ in my original layout were no longer there and in fact there are no useful common classes other than ‘logged-in’ which is problematic to use for governing layout styles. Why have I found these class changes? again it feels as though have stepped back too far.

    Lastly I have a problem with the idea that the default theme lives in the plugin directory for ease of upgrading, why is this what do you intend to upgrade in what should be simply frontend markup theme files; does this not lend itself to the potential issue with child themes using / overriding certain files that might be upgraded causing broken child themes.

    I have probably largely missed the point somewhere :) but do feel that this test upgrade has been rather too much hassle although installing a new fresh version of 1.2 does look very impressive and smart, congrats on that.

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