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Upload images live into the forum from all members

  • caesarhills


    I’m using the latest versions of buddypress e bbpress: I’m looking for a plugin that allow the members of the forum to upload images live into the forum.
    I’ve read something, but some discussions are old of some years and I’m new on wordpress, so I came here for a little help.
    Anyone can advice me a simple plugin for that and how to install it?
    Any replies will be very appreciated.
    Thanks all

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  • danbp


    hi @caesarhills,

    forums are managed by bbpress who brings also the text editor.
    This TinyMCE editor – identical to the one you have in the admin or on the blog – comes in a very light version, by default.

    He’s not intended to be used by any user like the complete version with the media upload.
    For a simple security reason, it is not recommended to allow media upload to everyone.

    If you need such a feature, you have to find another solution to allow your user to share their pictures. This can be done on a profile with buddydrive, or within a group with buddydrive or bp group documents.



    Hi danbp, thanks for your reply.

    I need to allow all my members to post images cause I want all the new threads to look like articles from a blog,( so with text and photos ) and other members can keep the article up,replying on the thread continuing posting opinions and photos about that subject: What I’m building up is a community focused on images from members, so it’s a must for me to have something as I described.

    I gave a quick look to buddydrive: I saw the tutorial of the developer, but at least for what I got, it seems the plugin is able just to upload file/folder attachments, I mean as links that can be downloaded, while I need my members to upload a photo that appear live in their forum’s replies, new threads and so on.
    I’m not sure if I got well how buddydrive works due also to the fact english is not my native language so I often have some problems.
    May i ask you just if buddydrive could allow forum’s members to upload photos immediately visible in their forum’s discussions?
    Thanks for your time



    Just to try to explain myself better:
    I need something that would allow me to upload an image I want to appear here below what I’m writing now.



    I’m sorry to bump the topic, but don’t know how to edit my previous message.

    I was googling for info about buddydrive and I’ve found a forum where they were talking about that plugin and I believe that forum itself is made in bbpress.
    Well, an user giving an advice to another shown up in his reply a screenshot.
    This is the forum

    I don’t know if he’s using buddydrive or any other plugin, but the result is exactly what I’m looking for.
    Any suggestions?
    thanks all

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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