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uploaded photos rotation

  • Roger Hardy


    I am using WordPress 3.5 and Buddypress 1.6.3. I am also using a number of Buddypress plugins such as activity plus, friends, avatar bubble and Buddypress media (all latest versions).
    When users upload photos to buddypress via iPad, their pictures are rotating, sometimes 90 and sometimes 180 degrees. Does anyone know why this might be? When uploading via media pictures are auto shrunk etc, does this have anything to do with it? It doesn’t always happen so I am assuming that it is to do with size. If there were some way of editing them within Buddypress without having to go to my server it would be good,
    thanks in anticipation

    Roger Hardy

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  • shanebp


    Mobile devices can take pictures on different rotations depending on how the device is held.

    The rotation info is stored in the exif data -> orientation for each picture, usually a jpg.
    You have to parse that data and re-rotate and re-save to ‘normal’ rotation.

    afaik – there is no way to do that re-rotate within a standard BP install.
    There may be a WP plugin for this or you could ask the BP Media team about it or you’ll need to write some custom code.




    I am from the team that develops BuddyPress Media. Like @shanebp says, the rotation data is stored in the exif data. Generally, most devices that can detect their orientation correctly assign the data. So, when storing or uploading, things remain normal. However, older devices and iOS don’t do this and images and videos are displayed with awkward rotations.

    Ideally, a browser should be able to detect this and automatically correct the rotation. However, (surprise, surprise) only Internet Explorer 10 does this.

    We are working on this and there is an open issue here:

    We plan to fix this at least with BuddyPress Media, soon!




    Hi @saurabhshukla
    How would I go about grabbing the geotag in the exif data? Does BuddyPress Media do that already? The reason I could not get buddypress media to work for me is because it doesn’t give me upload photo button on the posts? Or maybe it does and I don’t know how to use it. Maybe you can help with my questions. My Ultimate goal is so I can upload a picture and the put it on a map(like google map.
    Best Regards,

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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