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Uploaded Profile Covers NOT proportionate to visible area

  • kmp2


    BuddyPress says:

    “For better results, make sure to upload an image that is larger than 1300px wide, and 225px tall.”
    Well, that’s what I did.

    I uploaded 1920 x 750 thinking that I would be able to crop the top or bottom off a bit… instead to my surprise, there is NO way to crop, edit, expand, reduce, the uploaded image.

    Instead, and worse, BoddyPress chops a chunk out of the middle of the BIG picture and plops it into my cover. Hideous.

    I would have expected at least that the big pic was to be sized proportionately to the 808 pixel width of the visible cover and I could have slid the pic up or down to crop the height. But no.

    So, then, WHAT was the point of uploading a larger picture to ensure “better results”?

    Then, another bad surprise. My avatar is a CLEAR PNG.

    But BuddyPress arbitrarily turned the clear part see-through white and put a white square line around it. Hideous.

    That’s the first thing I tried to do in BuddyPress, and I’m really not the least bit impressed with this half-baked cover and avatar system and its terrible result.

    I just agreed to pay a guy to configure this program of yours. Now, I’m gonna put a halt on it and try to find something else that WORKS, because I sure can’t afford to pay him to rewrite BuddyPress.

    And, by the way, I’m not entirely “unwashed”. I took computer graphics and art in university; so among other things, I do know a bit about layouts and excess white space. In fact, the guy who’s getting my cash also sold me a decent theme and was going to add a left sidebar to all posts and pages, centered between a left and right sidebar, to help resize the posts & pages to look better.

    Every time I think I’ve solved the basic problem of what system to use, by paying for a different theme and customizations as a ‘work-around’, a new problem crops up. This is very disturbing.

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  • Varun Dubey



    You can use the following code snippet to increase image dimension.

    function wbcom_custom_cover_image_sizes( $settings = array() ) {
        $settings['width']  = 1920; // Your desired width
        $settings['height'] = 1080; // Your desired height
        return $settings;
    add_filter( 'bp_before_xprofile_cover_image_settings_parse_args', 'wbcom_custom_cover_image_sizes', 10, 1 );
    add_filter( 'bp_before_groups_cover_image_settings_parse_args', 'wbcom_custom_cover_image_sizes', 10, 1 );

    You can also add custom CSS for cover images to make them responsive and adapt to different screen sizes.

    you can check for more details

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