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Uploading Files completely BORKED!

  • PH (porsche)


    Hey Guys,

    I was mucking around troubleshooting a plugin and now Ive noticed that all capabilities to upload file/images are broken.

    Im getting a general error of: “Upload Failed! Error was: The uploaded file could not be moved to the upload folder.”

    The obvious answer is “fix permissions”

    1) Blogs.Dir is already owned by Apache in the Apache group (as its always been)

    2) Blogs.Dir is already 755 (as its always been)

    Im not to keen on making BLOGS.DIR to be 777 (seems like a generally bad idea to do)

    any suggestions?

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  • Xevo


    Change it to 777 and see if it works, if it doesn’t at least your sure it isn’t your permissions.

    After that see what the plugin might have altered, it could have changed a path in your buddypress.

    (I presume you did deactivate it after getting the error)

    PH (porsche)


    The Plugin I was trying out is Buddpress Links

    ..and, yeah I deactivated it.. but it didnt help the situation.

    PH (porsche)



    Oh man, changing the persmissions to 777 makes everything work again.. but.. man.. i really dont wanna have that directory as 777

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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