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Upon First Login, User Must Reset Password

  • invisiblue


    For some odd reason, users are unable to login with the password they set upon Registration. Login only works when the password is reset.

    Here’s the current process:
    1. User registers here (but NOT via the social login):
    2. User receives email with activation link, and clicks link, which takes the user here:
    3. User tries to login using the password he/she used upon registration, which does not work. Error message shows: “ERROR: The Username or Email or password you entered is incorrect. Lost your password?”
    4. User Resets password, and is then able to login after password reset, and is able to reset password to the same password used upon registration.

    I’m pretty sure this is not an issue with any plugin except for Buddypress. I’ve systematically disabled all plugins one by one and re-tested the above process. However, the issue is resolved when I deactivate the Buddypress plugin itself, then the registertion/login process runs smoothly without the above issue. So it seems like a problem with Buddypress itself.

    I have WordPress MU setup with Buddypress 2.01.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’ve exhausted my Google search abilities to find a fix for this issue.


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