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Use ‘friendship-button not_friends’ to change user’s card color

  • mische7


    Hi all – I’m trying to clearly show when a user is not the current user’s friend when viewing another’s connections.

    so, when viewing another user’s friends list, I’m interested in using the ‘friendship-button not_friends generic-button’ class to target the card it’s attached to. It’s not used by CSS and I can see it appears in the bp-friends-template..

    So I’m wondering if any of you might know how I can do the following:
    if ‘friendship-button not_friends generic-button’ is attached to the user’s card (which tell me they’re not a friend) turn the outline of the entire card to gold (highlighting the fact that this person is not yet connected to me).

    I’ve toyed and toyed with css and tried to create a function to target this, but I’m just not getting to it.

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