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Used to work, no longer working since a week and can’t figure out why!

  • Paolo


    Hello everyone,

    I’m still developing my community and everything was working correctly until few days ago. Unfortunately I don’t know exactly when it stopped working but I realized it when I saw that in activity, blog posts and post comments where no longer tracked. Another issue comes when logging in: wp-login.php does not redirect anywhere but display a white screen.

    At the beginning I thought it was because of a plugin so I disabled them all, but to no results…
    I changed DB to try a fresh install and see if some plugin had installed tables or data that was in conflict, but nothing. I thought I misconfigured something, but I can’t find anything wrong…

    Now I can only think that latest version of Wp and Bp aren’t doing their job at all or the problem reside on my server set up. (but until few days ago it was working…)

    This is a fresh install of wordpress 3.1 and buddypress 1.2.8 Bp default theme and no other plugin installed. (user:demo password:demo if you wish to see what I’m saying)

    With wp single blog probs are wp-login.php white screen after login and comment not being tracked down in activity.

    With WP network, which is what i need, also blog posts aren’t tracked in activity.

    This is the debug log :

    This is the php info :

    Server is a dedicated i7 920 intel processors and 24gb ram

    Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help me with this!


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