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User activation errors on BP Multisite

  • Jack


    (I mistakenly posted this as an activity update rather than a topic. Oops)

    I’m running a multi-site BP installation (WP 3.0.1, BP and I’m experiencing problems related to user authorization.

    When I have the option ”Both sites and user accounts can be registered.” enabled under multi-site options, any user that attempts to sign up isn’t able to activate their account using the activation link include in the confirmation email sent by BP. When they click the link, instead of activating their account they’re see a 404 page, or an ”oops… couldn’t find that page screen” (in chrome). This occurs even when they don’t try to create a blog during signup.

    I’ve also noticed that in cases where the user does attempt to create a blog, when they select a blog url during the signup process, WP is allowing them to select a blog url formatted as ”domain” rather than ”<domainblog” which in one test overwrote the url for the user’s profile because they used their username as their blog url. This meant that it was impossible to visit their profile page; all links instead landed on their blog’s homepage.

    Any ideas as to how to address either issue, the activation issue is the biggest problem I can see so far.

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