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USer Blog Theme and Admin

  • rollybueno


    Hi everyone,

    I have successfully installed BuddyPress. in WordPress 3.0.1..

    Seems having no problem in installation but some concerns need to be addressed.

    I have my blog installed and registered user can create blog. My Problem is when managing their blog, they can access to network settings. How can i restrict access or disable some admin function in wordpress to registered users.

    Lets say there is one person who signed up in my BuddyPress site and create a blog. He wants to manage his blog, so he directed to wordpress to post article in his blog. In admin page, he can still edit the Super Admin which is only for me(website administrator).. so i want to disable that function for any registered user. How do you do that?

    Also I want that every blog created must have same theme for my BuddyPress. Just like in this site (


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