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user blogs – create new page or post missing from dashboard

  • Hope I’ve missed something obvious but on user blogs I have no ability to create pages only edit existing default . Have trawled backwards and forwards through main admin settings looking for some setting I’ve overlooked but can’t see anything. BP gives link on ‘My Blog’ to create new post but not in blog dashboard. page creation exists not at all.

    Can someone tell me I’m being daft :-)

    N.B. of course might not be BP issue, if it is indeed an issue at all , but a plan vanilla WPMU install allows user blogs to create both posts and pages from user dashboard.

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  • If you’re running BP 1.2, this has been fixed and will be in 1.2.1

    Oh dear not the response I was hoping for :-)

    So it is an issue and frankly a horrendous one, blogs are offered to users as fully functioning ones.

    Sadly it’s not necessarily a straightforward matter to upgrade, at the moment I would have to run the backwards-compatibility plugin as I have got the community up and running based on a child theme overriding bp-sn file where necessary, in tests on local dev install upgrade to 1.2 I had to do a fair bit of work to get the existing theme running again and to rework styles to accommodate the new activity stream layout.

    Thanks for the quick response though DJPaul I have to now figure how we proceed as too many aspects of the 1.x are demonstrating problems and I’m beginning to wish we had been able to wait for 1.2 to be released.

    One point of interest though on another of the many test installs I keep running and one that I have kept pretty close to the production site in plugins and customizations this issue doesn’t arise and I can create pages quite happily so this can’t simply be a inherent BP issue but triggered by some action or plugin but don’t see what at this stage.

    Re reading the original response do I take it that we are saying it’s a problem that is evident in 1.2 but fixed in 1.2.1

    I neglected to state the version the issue was occurring in although it can be surmised from what I mentioned earlier but I am running 1.1.2 planning for a 1.1.3 upgrade.

    It seems that this issue runs through a few versions? if it is fixed in 1.2.1 can we have a idea of what the issue is/was as that may help to understand why it’s seemingly a random event and possibly what actions/plugins it might be triggered by. is there a ticket on the issue?


    Sorry but bumping this as I would like a little further info if possible, if it were a minor issue I might ignore but frankly it’s not?

    I can hunt through the trac for the issue and any fix I guess but would like to know if it’s something we can address for versions other than latest trunk.

    I’m using wpmu 2.9.1 and buddypress 1.2.1. I’m having this issue after the upgrade to 1.2.1. I can create users in the back end, and they can create posts and pages, but if they sign up through the /register/ page, then they do not have an “Add New” option for posts or pages, even though the user is an Administrator on that blog, and has activated their account.

    Coming back to this and wryly noting the lack of response to the further question I posed :-)

    The issue in my case was the damned wpmu devpro supporter plugin that included amongst it’s poorly documented files one called supporter-write.php this effectively removes the ability to make a new post and/or page by removing those links in the users blog sidebar menu – disable that file and I once more had ability to create new Posts and Pages. Of course taking out a subscription automatically gives back access but nowhere does the supporter plugin explain this to the user that they can’t create posts or pages until paying a subscription and what is further damming is that this file does not actually do what it’s meant to as it appears to have overlooked the fact that you can still post by accessing the link in the admin bar dropdown! This smacks to me of very sloppy testing on the part of the supporter plugin and frankly wants to make me cry !

    Sorry isos doubt this helps your predicament – unless you are using the supporter plugin? If this an issue apart I thought that Paul said this was fixed in 1.2.1 ;-)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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