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User can’t post eachothers walls

  • The error they get is :
    Please do not leave the comment area blank.

    I have settings to allow users to post to eachothers walls so its not that :/
    you can update your own wall fine but not any one else. please sign up to test if you think you may know solution.

    also still have “active some time ago” dates issue can’t get rid of..

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  • *bump*

    I’m having exactly the same problem… was this ever solved?

    I’ve been doing some testing, and a user can comment on another user’s update from the activity main page, but once on the member’s own update page he can’t. If this isn’t happening to everyone, maybe this is a plugin conflict

    I can’t believe it… it WAS a conflict, with the “Buddypress Jquery Activity Stream Widget”; I just deactivated it and all of a sudden I could comment on another user’s wall update

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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