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User count does not show up correctly…

  • newdermeo


    Major glitch going on. I have submitted a request on the forum and have had no response. With one of the recent updates all of the sudden my users do not show up correctly. In the “all users” it has the correct count, however when I try to view all, it only seems like myself (administrator status) and any who have signed up since the problem are showing up in the users. I deactivated all plugins and tried to activate one at a time. I pinpointed that it is, in fact, coming from buddypress. I love buddypress, however, please look into this and try to fix it. Let me know more on the solution.

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  • Brandon Allen


    From the screenshots you posted on Trac, it looks like you’re running the Ultimate Member plugin as well as BuddyPress. Is this true? If true, what version of Ultimate Member are you running?



    I am running the ultimate member version 1.3.29

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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