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User integration works but still no group discussion abilities

  • TheEasyButton


    I’m working on another person’s install. Everything is working just fine as far as user integration. Everyone can log in/out via WP as well as bbPress. Keymasters have bbPress dashboard abilities.

    The buddypress-enable.php plugin has been moved. XML-RPC is enabled on both bbPress & WP.

    But here’s where I hit the snag. Nothing is moving from groups to forums. When creating new groups, discussion can’t be enabled & is replaced with the Attention Admin note.

    Does this point directly to XML-RPC capabilites or is there something else that could be the culprit? I’ve tried the xml-rpc test and get the hello message.

    Any help AT ALL would be greatly appreciated!!

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  • TheEasyButton


    Problem resolved. Not really sure how. Apparently the buddypress elves fixed it while we slept. It just decided to start working today. Maybe the server owners did some configuring that made it work. Anyways, yay & topic marked as resolved..



    I have got user integration to work fine (wpmu 2.7.1, bp 1.0.2, bbpress 1.0) but see the same problem you describe above with the Attention Admin message when creating groups in bp. Cannot get topic posts to work from within bp either.

    q1. do i need the buddypress enable.php activated?

    q2. what settings do i have to make for xml-rpc?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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