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User is Unable to Post or Reply?

  • My progammer has an account here and over a couple years has very few posts and replies, and I have even less.

    For three days I’ve had a site broken and she tells me she is unable to get her post to appear, and she’s tried the same problem three times since Monday. This morning she gave me HER login, I tried, and yep, it just disappears.

    Then I found someone else with a similar problem as ours (member sorting was broken after upgrade) and I posted there (as her) but the same thing happened. I looked in my history (as her) to see if they were there, It was as if i’d never posted.

    Something is broken – her username is Dzynit – Can someone get her back in or must she create a new account and lose the history?


    EDIT – re similar problem where you also posted more info about your install ~~~ mercime

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