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User Name vs Display Name Publicly as

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    As Administrator i have the username (when logging in) as admin1234 but I display admin as my name publicly. I do this to add another level of protection to my website from hacking… ie the hacke sees admin, tries to hack using admin and have no joy because I’m using admin1234 to login. (Well thats the theory at least,,,)
    It was with some dismay that I see on my profile area (wall?) that my username is being displayed as @admin1234 (rather than my publicyl chosen name in my WP profile.)
    Is there a way to set up BP so that it stats true to WP and dsiplays “Display Name Publicly as” in the WP profile setting?
    Thanks — I have only just started playing with BuddyPress — its an awesome plugin!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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