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User names, @mentions, full-stops/periods, LDAP

  • richarddavis


    WP 2.9.2 (not MU) + BP 1.2

    Some quirky problem around user names.

    We’re using Simple LDAP plugin and user IDs are therefore being set from our AD, which has a standard format


    I noticed that the URLs of BP profile pages were being generated wrongly. Instead of


    it was replacing the full-stop with a space, so

    members/FirstName LastName

    naturally didn’t work in a HREF

    However hacking the URL in the location bar to


    did arrive at the intended profile page.

    We couldn’t work out exactly how BP was handling this sanitizing of usernames, but a quick

    s/ /./

    in bp_core_get_user_domain did the trick and now the links work fine.

    This hack isn’t ideal, of course. Another side effect, probably related, is that @mentions also don’t seem to work. The ‘unique identifier’ specified by BP also contains a space:

    @Firstname Lastname is a unique identifier for …

    Naturally with the space in it, it isn’t, and of course @mentions in BP updates don’t work.


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  • Have you set this in wp-config.php? It may go some way to assisting.





    Thanks for the quick tip Paul, that seems to address the problem we originally hacked it for, and BP profile links now seem better without the hack.

    However the @mentions still don’t work for any names with a period in them. They are fine for @admin (the only username without a period).

    I saw somewhere else that punctuation immediately following an @name messes it up – sounds like it could be related to this problem. BP may need some better regexes if it’s going to support periods in @usernames?

    (Wish we didn’t have the stupid periods, but that’s what the Windows guys have left us with!)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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