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user-nicename is @persons-name-2-2-2-2

  • timchorlton


    Hi, we are using for an internet – it uses buddypress for the community section, but the ‘nicename’ keeps adding a series of 2-2-2-2 after it.

    Any ideas why this is and how to stop it please? Support at W Office say it’s a buddypresss issue and to raise a ticket here.

    Any help, advice, pointers greatly appreciated.

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  • shanebp


    So there is an @ at the beginning of a user_nicename ?
    BuddyPress does not typically do that; this seems more like a WP issue.

    The ‘2’ usually means that the name was not unique and so a 2 was added.
    Usually, the user_nicename is the same as the user_login so that it is unique.

    Did you check your database to see if all login names are the same as their nicenames ?
    Do you have some other plugin or custom code that manipulates or assigns either field?



    I wouldn’t know where to start to check the database for that sort of info!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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