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User Profile Control By Admin

  • maganiza


    Hi Guys

    So this is my situation, I am the buddypress admin for a friends site and I want to control a specific task for user profiles. The task is I need to add a field to a user profile after they have signed up. The user will not be able to edit this field within their profile though they can see the field. This will be done to each and every user profile. Please assist.

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  • danbp



    how and when do you generate the field value, if the user can’t edit it ?
    The only place a user can acces a field is on his profile.

    On signup page, only fields who are part of the “Base” field group are shown.
    You can create another field group who will contain the field you want after signup. Then, to enter something to it, the user must go on his profile. But if you disallow edition for that field, it’s quite impossible.

    Before signing in, a user doesn’t exist. He can only fill some registration fields before asking to be a member. Once he is approved, he can access to his profile and fill additionnal fields.

    Aside, is the field value the same for all user ? Perhaps you could add this information differently to profile. Give details please.



    Thank you for your response. I guess there should be another way to work around this.

    Okay, so the site is a small social education community. Learners will signup to be members. After they have joined the community, users will share knowledge and advice amongst each other. So the administrator will give a score/badge to each user as time goes on due to participation. The user score/badge should show on the profile of every user profile and is public.

    As the admin I will need users to view the score/badge without editing/increasing/lowering their scores within their profile edit page.

    Any other suggestions to have something similar are greatly appreciated.



    You say nothing about how the administrator will give a score/badge!
    Perhaps you could use one of these plugins ? + badgeOs

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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