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User profile – edits

  • parfi


    Hello guys,

    I need to help with BuddyPress plugin. I’m trying some edits, but without success.
    What I want is the simple profile from 4 sections – My posts (snax), My comments, Favourites posts, Setting.


    1) Can I delete for example Profile or Votes? I don’t need these sections. If yes, how can I?

    2) Is there a section ‘My comments’ ? It would be great if the user could follow his comments.

    3) For favourites posts I’m currently using Snax Favourites Posts – for example:
    I want this page add to user profile, by the posts, setting, etc. Is there some possible way?

    4) Each sections has some another options. For example: Setting has option to General, Profile Visibility, Export Data. I absoulutely don’t them. All I need is the default option. Can I delete them some way?

    5) Snax post + Setting work perfectly.

    I try to have a user section like (you can check). They have absolutely simple and satisfactory. I use Buddypress plugin and theme Bimber.

    Can you help me with these requirements?

    Thank you very very much!
    Best regards
    Patrik S.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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