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User profile redesign Example

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  • Tammie Lister


    Just a little bit of friendly advice but if you make your titles say your problem people will more easily be able to help you here. It’s a little vague in your title what you are looking for. Some people glance titles to see if they know answer.

    I’m a little puzzled but what you want is to maybe create a sidebar with icons? Or are you using a script to do this? Perhaps you’re just looking though to create a menu with the normal navigation for BuddyPress but with icons? Can you confirm which you are trying to do please.

    @forfurure Across all you posts to date it’s increasingly apparent that there is a real problem in being able to help you, I doubt now that this is really an issue with language translation, as I doubt that in any language translated or otherwise that this title makes any sense.

    Please stop and read you posts back before submitting and consider whether they make sense and present questions that we can understand and help with, and as mentioned on technical forums the title must reflect the nature of the problem / issue.



    Dear karmatosed

    I am very grateful to you for this minority friendly advice and counseling happy about it thank you, my dear
    But in order deliberately to draw attention to you so you can help me and I’m sorry apology ..
    My question already is how to create a user profile sidebar with symbols, for example YouTube, Facebook or Google Plus Netlog or Dodi .. Etc.
    Became very ancient Moduamenendaat indicator

    Dear Hugo

    I’m really sorry the problem or issue that might lie in Google Translate
    So please do not be mad at me on the habit that I would not angry with me
    I also hope that I find you capacity was welcomed and welcoming rather than supplied angry!!
    I will try my best over the ID address of the problem in the future my friend ..
    I wish only suspect in the future!!
    Thank you .. Greetings lol
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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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